Yacon New Zealand



What would you say if we told you there was a raw, organic, natural syrup that was not only low calorie and low GI, but also had prebiotics to nourish the good bugs in your gut, could aid in weight loss, assist in the management of diabetes, and boost immunity?

You’d want to know where you could get such a magical product, right?

For many years, New Zealand biochemist Dr. Welch has been studying the Yacon root – the plant that produces this wonderful syrup.

When the team at Yacon New Zealand discovered a means of producing Yacon Concentrate with the highest level of prebiotic FOS, they knew they needed to take this unique product to the world –  and particularly to the Chinese market. And that’s where we came in.

We assisted Yacon New Zealand with branding and packaging design – helping to create the look and feel for the international brand and product, and sourcing all packaging materials.

We’re now helping Yacon New Zealand break into the Chinese market – providing Trade Marketing services to secure key distribution and retail partners.

We’re also providing in-market promotion services to introduce the incredible benefits of this product to Chinese consumers. This has so far included creating a local website, product collateral, WeChat social media management, KOL endorsement…and more!

We’re continuing to work hard to represent Yacon New Zealand in China…with more great work to come!

What We Did

Brand development
Labelling & Packaging Design
Material Sourcing
Channel Development
Social Media Management - WeChat
KOL Endorsement - Little Red Book
Website Design